Emmaus Services for the Aging
Emmaus Services for the Aging

I look forward to someone coming from Emmaus each week to take me out. They take me shopping, and they pick up food for me. Someone in Arlington cooked food for me, and they went and picked it up and delivered it to me. I will call a volunteer and he will stop by Union Station and get me food. They sit with me and make sure that I eat my food. I'm so alone; if I have someone sit and talk to me then I can eat. They came over to my apartment and prayed for me when I was ill. One volunteer always called me, even when she went away overseas for vacation she would still call me.

I came here from Vietnam; I've lived in this country for 37 years, so alone with no family, no relatives here. I'm by myself. It's just my friends and Emmaus to take care of me when I'm sick. I have Parkinson's and I'm diabetic. The volunteers give to me from their loving hearts, and they never expect anything in return.

The volunteers have planted the seed of hope and kindness in my heart. A flower of compassion has started blooming beautifully in theirs.

-Kim Sa Ho Thi

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Activities for Seniors

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Emmaus arranges special events for seniors throughout the year. During the spring, we have a community meeting for seniors and volunteers to hear speakers and discuss issues of interest such as, "How to Write a Will." Past issues have included: how to write a will, and how will the Y2K computer problems affect seniors. On Thanksgiving Day, over 100 volunteers prepare holiday meals and deliver them to over 200 elderly men and women, visiting them so they are not alone on the holiday.

During December, Emmaus throws a huge holiday event for our seniors, with festive decorations, turkey dinners, and entertainment. Over 100 volunteers serve over 200 seniors at the event, and deliver meals to another 70 homebound seniors who can't make it to the party.

On Christmas Day, volunteers from the DC Jewish Community Center and others visit with dozens of seniors and take them gifts from Gannett employees and many other donors. It’s a chance to brighten up an elderly person’s holiday.

We provide activities during each month to keep our seniors involved, interested and empowered.

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